Purchased Home in Licking Heights for $225K

Carol is the best. People always say buying a house is extremely stressful. It isn’t when Carol is your realtor. At first we met up with her at her office and she explained in great detail what buying a house will involve. She is the most energetic and happy person I have ever met. She smiles all the time and it’s infectious! She set up a website for us that alerts us to new houses in the area we were interested in and told us to message her immediately if we saw one go up that looked interesting. We did that, looked at the house with her and an hour later she walked us through writing our first offer explaining every tiny little thing and even happily answering any other simple questions we could come up with! Miraculously our first offer was accepted and after that I thought the real stressful parts would start. But no, Carol always took care of everything. Always was happy to answer our questions. She had great recommendations for anything one might need when buying a house and they also check out when you look them up on the internet. Definitely not just trying to make a quick buck by referring you to shady people. Not to mention, everybody told us that we got the best realtor in Columbus and I believe them! Jessica, her assistant, was just as great. No question to little and always quick to respond. I really can’t say enough positive things. I also truly believe that there’s not a single thing she doesn’t know about buying a house or any situation she couldn’t handle.

— Weiskircher 8/2017